You're Fired!

When Trump stated campaigning for presidency, he claimed that he would build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants who he claims, "steal American's jobs". But how is he going to protect American jobs when he keeps firing everyone who works for him? It seems like the news has turned into a reality TV show! At least the "fake news" stations and late night comedy shows are ten times better now because they have so much material to work with. 

What Climate Change?

I was disappointed when I heard that the U.S. was withdrawing from the Paris Accord. This means that the U.S. is no longer officially working with foreign countries towards a solution for climate change. After all, America is one of the top contributors to climate change! How is it that after all of the crazy storms and wildfires in the U.S. in the past few years, Trump has still decided that this is not a priority for our country? Maybe not the entire country is committed to a clean, renewable solution, but it’s up to us to do our small part to help this big problem. 

SINK OR Swim.jpg

First Ladies of Hypocrisy

I'm disappointed that these are the women who run the White House. Or, stand behind the man who runs the White House. I think Michelle Obama was a much better role model because she was articulate and had a lot to say to American citizens. She started an effective campaign for keeping children in America happy and healthy. Has anyone even seen Melania? What happened to her campaign against bullying? I think she's forgotten about the biggest bully around... her husband.

Love Trumps Hate

January 20, 2017 was a new day for america. It was the day the Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States, and it was raining on that day. The next day there were protests for women rights and against Trump all around the country. I went to the protest in Chicago, and it was sunny and 50 degrees, which is like a miracle for a January in Chicago. I think that this is a sign that we can all get through the next four years if we work together and we keep standing up for what is right! 

TRUMP 2.jpg

Happy Halloween

All through the month of October everyone was excited for halloween! I was talking to some adults I knew and they began to tell me what halloween was like for them when they went trick-or-treating. I learned that it was not as gory a holiday it is today. There was probably no fear from kids that someone in a clown costume would jump out and hurt you! It seems like halloween has changed in the past few years. I think this could have something to do with technology. First of all, there was no social media when most middle-aged adults were young. Also, people started dressing up as clowns to scare people this year and making threats on social media. Obviously, social media had an affect on halloween this year, and it also contributed to making halloween a scarier holiday. Thankfully, this didn't stop anyone from having a great halloween! 


Unicorns are awesome, but so are you!

People do the strangest things to feel better about themselves. I could never figure out why until a little while ago. I've heard people point out stupid little flaws that we are already aware of. I come home at the end of the day thinking, Why would someone say something like that?! Does this person really think I don't notice they're so much taller than me? Did you really have to point it out? Apparently, pointing out other people's flaws makes them feel better bout themselves. Someone who knows what their 'flaws' are, and can accept them, could easily help another feel good about themselves too!

The Olympics

This is just something I started doodling after watching the Olympics. I was thinking about what it would be like if the Olympics came to Chicago; how cool it would be! Then I remembered that after the short 17 days of glory, the olympic stadiums are abandoned. Even before the games homes are crushed and lost to make space for Olympic venues. In some countries, people have lost their lives building the villages and stadiums. I like the way my home is, thank you very much! The Olympics are fun to watch, but are people's homes and lives really worth the cost?


Thank goodness it's summertime now, and lots of kids are going to sleep away camps. I went to one this year too and learned a lot of new things there. Not just how to ride a horse or shoot an arrow, but also things like, sometimes it takes time to make a new friend, and sometimes you do so right away. It can often  be hard for people to go away, but I think usually you end up having fun. I would now like to share some lessons and ideas that I learned and experienced while at camp.

How Jelly The Igneous Rock Turned Into A Metamorphic Rock

This comic was originally a school science project, where I had to illustrate how an Igneous rock turns into a metamorphic rock. First the Igneous rock freezes and thaws, which breaks the rock. Then it gets eroded and smushed together with other rock pieces. Finally they become one rock and melt down into a metamorphic rock! Jelly the rock will now take you through his fascinating life span, as he battles the forces of nature!

Knowledge is Power

The school year is almost to an end, and students are excited! No more homework! No more lectures! Welcome warm weather and sun! I'm excited too! But recently, when I was thinking of swimming in the lake and the end of the year celebration at school, I had a thought. Children halfway across the globe are willing to risk their lives to get an education, when kids in America are complaining about it. Why was this happening? Then I realized it was because we are so lucky that we don't think about other children who are struggling to be educated. We take our education for granted! To appreciate what we have, we must think about how we can help other people achieve that too.

The Era Of Technology Turds

Every day people go on their phones to check emails and texts and do other stuff that people do on their phones. I do too, but I recently heard on the news that more people are dying from selfies than shark attacks. (Say you take a selfie on the edge of a cliff... ahh! You fall off!) We are spending more time on electronics than with friends and family. That isn't a problem we should be having. Some of the things in this comic are based on my own experience, some I got from other books, and some things I just made up. Either way, don't be a technology turd -- spend more time with people you value!

The Ridiculous Candidates

The presidential election is almost here and you have probably watched the candidates in debates and interviews and listened to them say one ridiculous thing after the other (well, mostly just a certain candidate that looks like a blobfish...).  I myself have watched some of the debates. But, are you really prepared to vote? Do you really know the candidates well?  In this comic you will learn the true personalities of three popular candidates (even though we already know that this mysterious blobfish person is really, truly, very stupid)...

p.s. Make sure to be knowledgeable of current important events!                                                                                    p.p.s. Please give my dad credit for some of the dialogue in this comic.                                                                    p.p.p.s. Just a little bit of credit!                                                                                                                                           p.p.p.p.s Perceivable means easy to understand (I know that does not make any sense because the word is actually very hard to understand if you don't know what it means).                                                                             p.p.p.p.p.s. Sorry! I should probably let you read the comic now...

Kill Them With Kindness

You have seen in movies, the rude girls who dance around the school like queens. Usually in the end, the people they bullied get revenge on them somehow, like pushing them off a cliff or something crazy like that (hopefully people who are bullied don't really do that)! But this story is different. These characters come up with a crazy plan to win the bully's heart, and along the way you can learn a trick or two yourself!

Stand up for yourself, and know that a good friend will always be supportive of your choices no matter what!


The Talent Show

I made this comic because I play keyboard, and two of my friends play drums and guitar. I always thought it would be cool if we started a band together. One year the three of us did a comedy act in our school talent show in fifth grade, where I played the keyboard, one of my friends sang and the other would interrupt us and do funny things behind our backs! I love doing things with my friends, and I would love to share some of those fun times with other people.